Welcome to the World of ORENZO.

Nature has always been at the heart of ORENZO and instills it with its inventiveness and aesthetics, the idea of an essential, elegant and subtle luxury. The experience of an intimate and sensitive link with the object, through art collections and decoration of unique pieces offering plant sculptures such as the famous cacti, but also furniture, accessories, objects and textiles.


ORENZO is at the origin of the first metal cactus sculptures which have flourished in Marrakech for 20 years and have since conquered the whole world. 
The brand's emblematic product, ORENZO's cacteOs 
are the result of exceptional, unparalleled and constantly renewed know-how, which will bring a masterful and resolutely original touch to both your gardens and your interior


Shaped entirely by hand, the thick iron sheet, so cold and so hard at the base, softens, bends, bends, creases, takes on pigment and shades. The metal modifies its austere nature and reveals, more than a texture, a real epidermis, which, deprived here of its thorns, offers a velvety softness as real as nature.

We are pleased to announce that we are the exclusive distributor for the North America, Mexico, Mallorca & Bali. We are presently exclusively to the Trade. Soon we will be in a retailer near you. 

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Dallas (Coming Soon)

Km 9 Route De L Ourika، Marrakesh 40000, Morocco